About IST

Institute of Space Technology (IST) - one of the premier institutes in Pakistan - is a federally chartered, Degree Awarding Institute offering Graduate and Baccalaureate programs in Aerospace, Avionics, Electrical, Mechanical, Materials Science & Engineering, Space Science, Remote Sensing & GISc, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. IST has been ranked amongst the top four engineering universities of Pakistan.

About IYC

Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad Pakistan has the history of showcasing literary and cultural events to boost the literary, managerial, leadership and soft skills of the students at institution and at the national level. We at IST strongly believe that co-curricular activities play a vital role in personality development of the students. It is also the need of time to synergize our youth at one platform so that they may knit the future canvas with creative colors of peace and harmony. In continuation of this pursuit, we are organizing 12th IST Youth Carnival from March 28–30, 2019 at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad.

We have developed a vast spectrum with various shades of fine arts, performing arts, visual arts, creative writing, literary, technological, business, engineering, sports and entrepreneurial events for making this occasion flamboyant and interesting.

IST Youth Carnival 2019 encompasses FIFTY-SEVEN events in the following major categories.

Creative Writing | Fine Arts | Media & Graphic Arts | Performing Arts | Music | Poetry | Declamation | Naat & Qiraat | Quiz | Aerospace, Electrical, Materials, Mechanical Design & Applications | Space Exploration & Discoveries | Innovation, Creativity & Commercialization | Mathematical Challenge | Sports